Trialling standing desks

Excitingly, Year 6 have begun trialling standing desks as part of a new and different initiative at Dashwood Banbury Academy. The aim of the trial is to measure significant impact in 3 key areas:

  1. Standing to stimulate brain function (versus sitting).
    Research shows that standing to work 'increases oxygen, glucose and dopamine levels which are vital for focus and concentration.The impacts are improved student focus, behaviour and academic outcomes.
  2. Standing to provide health benefits.
    Research shows that 'Having the option to stand has both significant short and long term health benefits recognised by Public Health England'.
  3. Standing to support concentration.
    Many children struggle to sit still. Research shows that having 'The option to stand has immediate positive effects with these students. Their focus and concentration levels improve and so does the quality of their work and results'.

Research conducted by Eiger

What the pupils say:

'I enjoyed using the standing desks. You can put them at any height you need. They help me to exercise my body so I am not just sitting. It also helped me to concentrate because I was not sitting down and feeling wiggly'. (Oliwia, Year 6)

'My writing is maybe neater because of the way I stand and my posture when I use the standing desk'. (Finn, Year 6)