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Class Description   Date of publication in brackets
Accessibility Plan Accessibility and action plan for Dashwood Banbury Academy 2017-19.
Admissions Policy 2020 Dashwood Banbury Academy Admissions Policy for September 2020 Entry. (September 2018)
Admissions Policy 2019 Dashwood Banbury Academy Admissions Policy for September 2019 Entry. (September 2017)
Admissions Policy 2018 Dashwood Banbury Academy Admissions Policy for September 2018 Entry. (September 2017)
Attendance Policy Statement of the academy's policy with respect to expectations for attendance of pupils. (February 2018-19)
Attendance: Oxfordshire County Council Code of Conduct Statement of the OCC's policy with respect to the issuing of penalty notices for unauthorised absence (January 2015)
Anti-Bullying Policy Statement of general principles of measures taken by the principal to prevent bullying. (September 2019-20)
Behaviour Policy Statement of general principles on behaviour and discipline and of measures taken by the principal to prevent bullying. (September 2019-20)
Charging and Remissions Policy AAT Statement of the academy's policy with respect to charges and remissions for any optional extra or board and lodging for which charges are permitted, for example academy publications, music tuition, trips. (May 2017-19)
Complaints Policy Statement of procedures for dealing with complaints. (August 2018-September 2019)
Equality Policy Statement of procedures adopted by the governing body relating to tackling inequalities and promoting an understanding of the principles and practices of equality and justice. (May 2018-20)
Exclusion Policy Statement on the procedures followed with respect to exclusions. (December 2017-18) 
First Aid Policy Statement of the academy's policy for provision of First Aid to adults and pupils at Dashwood Banbury Academy. (January 2018-20)
GDPR Data Protection Policy Statement of how The Aspirations Academies Trust keeps and processes certain information about its staff members and pupils in accordance with its legal obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). (March 2018-20)
Governance of the  Aspirations Academies Trust The remit and scheme of delegation for the Aspirations Academies Trust Board which provide the sole agreed framework within which the Board/Governing Body operates. (March 2018-20)
Health and Safety Policy and risk assessment Statement of general policy with respect to health and safety at work of employees (and others) and the organisation and arrangements for carrying out the policy. (Available on request)
Homework Policy Statement of how staff, parents and pupils can support homework and the academy's expectations with respect to homework. (May 2018-20)
Intimate Care Policy Statement of policy with respect to the school's responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and young people in its care. (February 2017-19)
Ofsted Reports Link to the Ofsted website where published reports referring expressly to the school can be accessed.
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Statement of procedures for safeguarding and child protection. (September 2018-October 2019)
SEND Policy DISTRICT Statement of policy on strategies and interventions for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. (November 2018-19)
Sex and Relationships Policy
Drugs Education Policy
Statement on the provision of sex and relationship education. (December 2017-19)
Statement on the provision of drugs education and rules that apply. (December 2017-19)
These policies should be read in conjunction with each other.
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Statement on the provision of support for pupils with medical conditions. (December 2017-19)
Unacceptable behaviour policy and guidance Statement of policy and guidance on dealing with unacceptable behaviour from parents, carers or visitors to Dashwood Banbury Academy. (May 2017-19)
Uniform Policy Statement of policy on expectations for uniform and appearance
Whistleblowing Policy Statement to enable workers to raise concerns in the appropriate manner. (January 2017-September 20)