Keeping safe and healthy

New game played by many: Fortnite, is a free to join, (payments to upgrade come later!) online multiplayer survival game set on post-apocalyptic earth. Children are able to play against other players and build teams from across the country or further, enabling you to communicate verbally through Playstation, Xbox etc., which is where the problems can arise. This game is for 12 years old plus and is extremely dangerous for pupils our age to be playing. Not only does it suppress the emotional part of their brains, it also is a platform in which inappropriate interactions can take place.

Whilst playing the game on Playstation, a pupil in one of our Academy schools was repeatedly approached by someone disguising their voice (apparently it sounded like Darth Vader). The person kept asking if the child was alone, or if they could contact them later when they were. Luckily, the child's mother was in the next room and overheard what was being said - stopping the game instantly.

Please ensure that any games your child plays have full parental controls in place, they are supervised and appropriate for their age. For more information on this game you may want to read the following article:

Don’t forget you can request help in setting parental controls by asking in your phone shop and/or through any TV and internet package you may have.  

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