A note from the pupils...

Here at Dashwood we know how to have fun but work hard. Each lesson makes sure our minds are buzzing with creative ideas which is supported and encouraged by our teachers. Succeeding is key at Dashwood Academy, therefore most of the lessons are to help us with our future dreams; some lessons are even taught by secondary school teachers such as French and science which is great because it is an even greater challenge. 

In our lessons we aim to reach our goals and challenges, we never say, ‘we can’t do it’, just, ‘we can’t do it yet.’ One of our favourite lessons is outdoor learning as the teachers make them fun and enjoyable. We feel it makes Dashwood Academy unique with its different co-operation and teamwork challenges; it encourages us to be persistent even when we think we are failing. If you ask anyone at Dashwood Academy what their favourite subject is, they would say, it’s this one!

Our teachers are kind and caring towards us. They are encouraging and have a great sense of humour. Although they can have fun, they are here to get the job done! Our teachers are always there for us and inspire us to do our very best. Lessons are exciting and creative; they involve us in the planning and always listen to our opinions. They respect us and make us believe we can do anything.

As well as our lessons, Dashwood’s Got Talent is an annual opportunity to express and display our unique talents and skills. Anyone from year 1 to year 6 can participate in this exciting event. It is a great event that helps to bring talent from outside school to within.

The uniform at Dashwood Academy makes us feel like we belong to a family. We believe that wearing a smart uniform shows a huge improvement in our learning as we feel proud and important. People from the community always ask which school we go to and we are delighted to say Dashwood Academy. Our motto is Growing together; succeeding together', and we really do.

From the pupils of Dashwood Academy