Curriculum Programmes

Curriculum Programmes 2017-2018
Chance to Shine
Chance to Shine
Year 6 Chance to Shine cricket
session; playing team games and
working on batting and bowling skills.
Competition for All event
Competition for All
Year 4 and 5 competed in an
Inter-Family Athletic competition.
Year 6 PE - Netball
Year 6 had an inter-family netball
competition. The children showed
their new skills as well as their teamwork. 
Junior Leader Training
Junior Leaders training
Year 5 pupils spent an afternoon
training to become Junior Leaders.
Year 6 Netball training
Year 6 PE
We have seen some fantastic
lead learning in PE this term.
Curriculum Programmes 2016-2017
Junior Leaders training banner June17
Junior Leaders training
Dashwood leaders train pupils
from Harriers – an Aspiration
Academy Trust school.
Year 4 are developing their ball
skills to help in netball. 
Cricket match
An inter-house cricket competition for
Year 5 and 6, making the most of
the skills learnt from our sessions with
'Chance to Shine' cricket club.
Y6 PE Mentoring
Year 6 - Leading PE Sessions
and sharing their learning
through mentoring.
Junior Leaders
Junior Leaders
Year 6 Junior Leaders train
their Year 2 peers to lead
lunchtime activity.
Sensational Skipping Day 
Skipping with Skip2Bfit for
 fitness and wellbeing.
Level 1 Competition Term 1
Competition for All
Inter–Family Level 1 Competition

A Sports Week filled week with
each year group competing in their
Aspirations Families.
Leadership Conference group
Leadership Conference
Year 5 and 6 Junior Leaders 
attended workshops to learn new
leadership skills.
PE Rugby Coaching Sept 16
Tag Rugby Coaching
Year 5 and 6 are receiving some very
special coaching from Northampton Saints RFC. 
Curriculum Programmes 2015-2016
  Youth Sport Trust Quality Silver Mark
Youth Sport Trust Silver Quality Mark
Awarded for the merit and vision of our
school sport provision for 2015-2017.
PE Rio
Count down to Rio!
Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a morning
of PE inspired by the 2016
Olympics and Paralympics.
PE Rio
Leadership Reflection
15 Year 5 pupils have all
loved being Junior Leaders.
Read their comments here.
Sport Relief
Junior Leaders take charge
of planning, organising
and leading activities.
PE - KS2-3 Leadership Feb16
KS2-3 Leadership Academy 
Leadership Training for
 five Year 5 pupils
Junior Leaders Conference
Year 5 Junior leaders
learn new leadership skills.
Leadership Academy ideas
Leadership Academy
Year 5 Junior leaders
attend their final training
 session at BGN
Year 3-4 Benchball4 Oct15
Bench Ball
Year 3 and 4 pupils competed
in their Aspiration Families.
Swimming Awards
Year 5 and 6 pupils receive
their distance swimming certificates.
Year 2 Ball and Gaming Skills
Ball and Gaming Skills
Year 2 develop their skills
with Mr Pemble.
Curriculum Programmes 2014-2015
Lords Cricket team
Chance to Shine -
Invitation to Lord’s!

Year 5 and 6 pupils visited
Lord’s Cricket Ground. 
Curriculum Cricket coaching
KS2 pupils really shine! -
Chance To Shine 2015

Professional coaching in
cricket skills for pupils.
New Junior Leaders
for 2015-2016

Introducing our new Junior Leaders
for the next academic year.
Carrdus Athletics Afternoon
Year 3 pupils showed their skills
and tried new athletic events.
‘Something To Chew On’
programme delivered by
London Welsh Rugby Club.
Inter Aspiration Family Benchball (11)
Inter-Aspiration Family
Benchball Competition

Year 5 and 6 pupils competed
in their Aspiration Families.
Sporting Activators
KS1 and KS2 children
participated in lunchtime
playground activities with the
Cherwell District Council
Activators Team.