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NSSOP Football Competition

North Oxfordshire School Sports Football Competition 15th October 2015 at Banbury Academy

14 year 3/4 pupils from Ash and Aspen classes competed in the NSSOP Football Competition at Banbury Academy. They showed super teamwork against 12 other teams from across the partnership. The school games value was 'respect' and all of the pupils showed this when playing and congratulating other teams on their success. In our KS2 assemblies we have been discussing British Values and mutual respect for others. Our pupils have certainly shown this today through their team spirit, fantastic communication with one another and their respect of all players.

The children reflected on their experiences:

Munib: ’I was excited to play against other schools and represent Dashwood’.

Tyson: ‘I feel amazed to be here and very proud!’

McKenzie: ‘The best thing about the day was spending time with my new friends from Dashwood. Today has been really fun!’


Right: Team A: Max, Tyson, Brandon, Munib, Shinade, Josh, Libby.  Won 2nd place and will be going through to the final.

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Deserving winners of the school games ‘respect’ awards for their fantastic team work and the support that they showed to others

Team B: Jake, Wiktor, Kyra, McKenzie, Billy, Isla, Konrad – won 4th place. A super result for the team.
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