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NOSSP Tag Rugby Competition

NOSSP Tag Rugby Competition at Banbury RFC - Thursday 22nd October 2016

Year 5 pupils attended the North Oxfordshire Tag Rugby competition at Banbury RFC. This popular festival was attended by 8 schools from across the North Oxfordshire partnership.

The Dashwood team did very well, winning two of their three pool games 7-0 and 8-3. This gave them second place in their group and a place in the top runners-up group. The team then went on to win one of their three games 5-4 but the stiff competition that came from the other two games meant losing out on a place in the final.

The School Games Value was ‘Teamwork’ and our team showed fantastic spirit, supporting one another and congratulating other teams on their play and successes. Tyrese was awarded the teamwork certificate for his amazing strategic game play and his supportive team spirit.

Well done to Max (Year 4) who stepped up to play at the last minute due to the illness of two of the year 5 team. Despite being two years younger than most of the players at the competition, Max showed amazing skill and talent holding his own on the pitch. We look forward to seeing what you can do in the future Max!

Tag Rugby Festival Team
The Team:  Jayden, Tyrese, Ellie, Romany
Callum, Anisha, Max, Anastazja