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Junior Leaders Conference

Junior Leaders ConferenceFriday 23rd October 2015
Along with children from 8 schools across North Oxfordshire, pupils from Year 5 attended the Junior Leaders Conference at Blessed George Napier school, Banbury. It was the first conference of its kind and a hugely successful day. The 15 attendees from Dashwood Banbury Academy, all Junior Leaders, thoroughly enjoyed the workshops – learning new leadership skills to add to their repertoire. Very excitingly, they also met a Great British Olympic athlete! Craig Figes, GB Water Polo captain, spent the day interacting and supporting the children. An inspirational figure, he talked about how he got into water polo and became team GB captain at the London 2012 Olympics. He grew up in Bristol and was inspired by sport on TV trying many sports himself as a child. He talked to the children about not giving up and that things do not always go right the first time. Craig first tried his hand at discus throwing but smashed a car window when practicing! He loved playing sport but wasn't very good at any. He never gave up though and finally, after many more set-backs, became an Olympic athlete notching up 426 GB appearances, 804 goals with a throwing speed of 90kmh!

Junior Leaders
IMG_3387-1Special memories – learning new skills with GB Olympic Team Captain Craig Figes

Mia, Jayden, Mujtaba, Jemma, Anastazja attended the Junior Leaders workshop session. They all took the opportunity to lead sessions showing fantastic confidence delivering activities for younger pupils.

Muneebah, Amelia, Rezija, Ellie, Ashley headed-up School Sports Organising Crew and attended workshops to learn about being successful in this role. They learned about maintaining a quality School Sports board to communicate PE and School Sports to pupil and parents. They now understand the importance of organising our school equipment and keeping it in good order. The children were very interested in using the School Games Values to recognise pupils’ achievements. They noticed that these values: honesty, respect, teamwork, self-belief, passion and determination, link closely with our own Aspirations Conditions and key characteristics. The children have already had many ideas about how they can raise the profile of the School Games Values at Dashwood including celebration assembly nominations.

Harvey, Dione, Romany are the Primary Change 4 Life Club Champions. Through the Change 4 Life training scheme, they learned the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle due to the startling research that 9 out of 10 children could grow up with dangerous amounts of fat in their bodies that may lead to cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease in later life. Their role is to support opportunities for ALL young people to participate in school sport and lead healthy active lifestyles for the rest of their lives.

An amazing day was had by all, learning new skills for leadership and sharing experiences with children from across the partnership.

A key element of School Sport is competition. The children have been discussing what they think about competition. Here are some of their views:

Dione: ‘Competition is great because everybody is a winner - they all participate, everyone tries their best in their own way, have fun, socialise with others. Competition allows us to achieve personal goals’.

Anastazja and Muneebah discussed: ‘Taking part is the best bit. We all respect each other so no one laughs when we lose.’

Jemma: ‘Competition encourages everyone's determination and gives opportunity to take part.’

Harvey: ‘You get a sense pride when you are in a competition because you took part and learn how to get better next time.’

Mujtaba: ‘Competition helps you as a person - you meet new people and make new friends, builds your experiences and your confidence to go in to new situations.’