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E-safety Workshops

'Computing Champions e-safety and Cyber-bullying’
E-safety talk 8th December 2015

Mr Rickus, Computing Champions, visited our school to deliver workshops and assemblies to all KS1 and KS2 children.

In Key-Stage 2, pupils watched an e-safety jigsaw video from CEOP, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre. It was very thought-provoking and pupils gave mature and well-thought-out responses. It was great for them to reflect on their own online use and how they can take steps to protecting themselves.

Dione (Year 5) reflected, ‘the video made me feel upset for the girl - she was just trying to make friends but it wasn't what she thought. It shows how careful you have to be online’.

When the question, ‘How can a photo online of you in your school uniform be dangerous?’ was posed, Millie (Year 5) reflected, ‘If I put a photo online of me in my uniform they know where I go to school. That is telling someone (a stranger) too much information’.

Mujtaba (Year 5) gave some advice to his peers, ‘In Instagram you can change your privacy setting to private - only people can see your photos if you have accepted them. Also a profile picture should not be of your face’.

Year 5 and 6 pupils discussed key messages that came out of learning:

  • tell adults and people you can trust if you are unsure about anything you access/see online
  • THINK! Would you say it to their face? If not, do not post it online
  • A profile picture should never be of your face
  • Don't reveal personal information
  • ASK YOURSELF: Is a person you are in contact with online a friend in real life? If the answer is ‘no’, why are they your ‘friend’ online?
  • Never let anyone know your location – where you live or places you go to
  • REMEMBER – anything you post/send online leaves a digital footprint or shadow. It stays there forever. Think! How might these messages look when:
  • you meet new friends
  • your grandma sees them
  • you apply to college or university
  • you try to get a new job
  • you become a parent

As a direct result of our e-safety learning, this is what some pupils are going to do:
Dione:  ‘Choose wisely what profile picture I will use’
Ashley: ‘I am going to ask my mum to put adult controls on my computer’
Anisha: ‘I am going to change my privacy settings on Instagram so only people I ‘accept’ can see my photos.

Thought-provoking messages in the CEOP video

Esafety workshop 8-12-15

Reflecting on our learning back in the classroom

Esafety workshop writing 8-12-15