National Internet Safety Day

National Internet Safety Day took place on 9th February 2016; a specific day for everyone to focus on how to make the use of the internet safer. This is such an important part of our curriculum as statistics show that over 70% of 5-15 year olds regularly access a tablet independently. We have looked at this across the school and hope that parents and carers will find time to talk about this at home and have found the material sent home useful. E-safety Parent Factsheet: Information and Resources

Pictured below are Peach and Pear Classes, two of our EYFS classes, who learnt about which websites are good to go on and which are not good. Here are Pear class with their thumbs up and Peach class giving the thumbs down!

Peach and Pear classes

Year 1 children (below) also had an internet safety assembly.  We talked about why we use the internet and what it is good for, but then looked at the dangers of it. We discussed what we could do if we saw something we didn't like.

Year1 classes