Fantastic Buddying!

Buddying Wow – what a fantastic time Silver Birch had in their ‘buddying’ session with the Apple Class! It was a really good afternoon where the children were tasked with making a bridge from a variety of scrap paper and some limited joining materials, including sellotape and paper clips. After some discussion about what makes bridges strong, the children got on and made their own bridges in mixed groups. We were particularly impressed with the way in which the older children made the younger children feel comfortable, ensuring tasks were shared out and completed. There were some great leadership qualities being developed! Some of the groups were successful and managed to build a bridge which held a toy car for ten seconds and the children, quite rightly, felt a real sense of accomplishment. Even though some children did not complete the task, the children were able to comment on the fantastic teamwork skills they had used in this lesson. We are very much looking forward to our next buddying session. 

Buddying construction

Buddying bridge