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Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy – Blessed George Napier School 2nd March 2016

Today six of our Year 5 Dashwood Banbury Academy Junior Leaders (Mia, Muneebah, Ashley, Dione, Amelia and Ellie) attended the third and final session in their leadership training. Back in February, they worked with 30 young leaders from across 3 other partnership primary schools and year 7 leaders from Blessed George Napier to deliver a multi skills festival for 180 year 1 children from across North Oxfordshire.

The festival received very positive feedback from the Year 1 pupils, their accompanying staff and the BGN young leaders. Today's session allowed the Junior Leaders themselves to reflect on how the festival went. Their reflections were very honest and highlighted all the things that had gone well - their organisation skills, modelling of activities and clear instructions. An ‘Even Better If’ pin-pointed for next time was for the Junior Leaders to take the time to introduce themselves to ensure that younger participants felt happy that they were approachable.

During the remainder of the training, pupils spent time leading more games that could be applied to a multi skills festival back in our own schools. Dashwood leaders took the reflection feedback on board delivering a game that meant all participants had to introduce themselves. This showed that they had not only listened well in the feedback session but had also put solutions into practice -  a fantastic skill to improve leadership skills! Clear communication, modelling and demonstrating and allowing others time to practice and apply their learning are effective ways to teach others new skills and maximise enjoyment.

Dione: 'I can be clear in my instruction and demonstrate so they know what they are doing.'

Mia: 'With younger children I get down to their level and I use actions to show them where they need to go and what they need to do.'

Leadership Academy at BGN Evaluation March16
Evaluation of the Year 1 Multi-skills Festival – a reflection by our Junior Leaders
Leadership Academy scoring  

At the end of the Leadership Academy afternoon, pupils spent time planning a multi-skills festival for back in their own school. They all had fantastic, innovative ideas that are bound to be hit with their peers! 


Learning how to score a festival - a super skill when running our own Inter-Aspiration Family festivals to continue our Aspiration Family competitions.

Leadership Academy ideas