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Exploring our new Yurt

7th June 2016

Pupils from Year 5 (Beech) were full of excitement in their Forest School session with the opportunity to explore the new addition to our fantastic wildlife area - a yurt!

Year 5 Beech exploring Yurt

From the PTA funding, raised from the sponsorship of our Yurt Trek and Forest School day in Term 4, a yurt was purchased as an outdoor learning space.

During the session, children explored different types of leaf and used the patterns to create artwork. They enjoyed using this new space to create artwork using natural resources.

Pupils reflected on their experience:

Millie: I loved using this new space, it looks great inside and out. Learning outside is fun!

Dione: Learning outside gives me inspiration because I can look around me.

Nathan: I enjoyed learning outside; it's fun because I had the chance to be with my friends in the fresh air.

We hope to create a bushcraft area in the yurt where children can learn to use a range of tools safely to make their own woodcraft such as tree cookies, and for whittling projects.

Thank you to the PTA, Miss Cumming, Miss Lella and Miss Rees for all their help in providing us with a yurt and a special thank you to the parents for their support in sponsoring the children on the Yurt Trek Day.