Leadership Reflection

Leadership Reflection - Dashwood Banbury Academy Junior Leaders
We are the Dashwood Junior Leaders of 2015/2016 - 15 Year 5 pupils who have all loved being leaders. I asked my friends what they felt they had learnt from the leadership role. Here are some of their thoughts.

Mujtaba: I’ve learnt that some kids are stronger mentally than others. I also learnt that I am capable of taking care of multiple children.

Dione: What I enjoy most about Junior Leaders is that we can interact with the younger children and give them the experience that we wished for when we were their age.

Rezija: I am now better at organising events and lots of children. I  can now get the resources that I need and I am more confident around younger children and I feel more sociable with my own friends.

For me, Muneebah, being  Junior Leader has given me lots of new opportunities to meet other pupils and I love leading them and seeing their faces when they enjoy the activities. I am so much more confident now. Being part of the Leadership Academy with BGN students gave me so many new skills in organisation, communication and delivering fun challenges.

Now we are looking forward to training up next year's Junior Leaders and supporting them in their leadership roles.

Muneebah, Year 5