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National School Sports Week

National School Sports Week got off to an exciting start with the arrival of a School Games prize! In recognition of our pupils' Leadership blogging, the School Games sent a ‘competition pack’ to our school. The pupils were so excited to have all they needed for their NSSW competition – medals, banners, trophies, School Games Value stickers and wristbands!


All Year 5 and 6 pupils planned a carousel of physical activity inspired by the forth-coming Olympics and Paralympic Games in Rio. Events included Sitting Volleyball, Boccia, vortex throw, speed bounce, long jump and target throw.

‘The day took a lot of organising’ reflected Ashley (Year 5) ‘the whole school were coming out to do our activities!’

Pupils planned and practised their events so that they could confidently explain the rules and model the activity. The event was planned as an Inter-Aspiration Family/House competition so the children designed a scoring system for which house points could be awarded. They also nominated individual children for each of the School Games Values of determination, passion, teamwork, self-belief, honesty and respect, using the stickers and wristbands.

The day was also organised as a buddy event – older pupils supporting their younger peers. It was so wonderful to see them encouraging one another and enjoying time together. An amazing day of fun, physical activity and competition was had by all!


Inter-House Sitting Volley Ball competition

Sitting Volley Ball

To celebrate National School Sports Week and the forth-coming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil, buddy classes Sycamore and Ash competed in a Paralympic event – Sitting Volleyball.


Rowan (Year 3 Ash Class) described his morning, ‘I had an amazing time. Thank you! I loved playing sitting volleyball with the older children in my house!’

Young Leaders