Reception Apple

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Welcome to the Apple’s Class page.  On this page there is some information about how our day is structured in Reception and it will also give you some information about what we are learning.

Reception is a very exciting year for the children, but also very important. Children start Reception at the age of 4 in September and leave in the summer term making their transition to year 1.

We have three Reception classes: the Peaches, the Apples and the Pears. During independent time each class along with the outside area are opened, this allows the children to interact with others and gives them other places to explore. Throughout the day the children have a mixture of adult led and child led activities to complete and areas to visit. These areas include:

• Construction area • Literacy area • Snack area
• Art area • Library • Computers
• Maths area • Role play • small world
• understanding the world
• finger gym
• water area

The outdoors area is always accessible to the children and they will have the opportunity to mix with the nursery children whilst outside. Again outside we have different areas. For example: the sandpit, water area and the mud kitchen.

The snack table is also always available to the children. Each day there is a different type of fresh fruit put out. This might include: apples, bananas and oranges. There is also fresh milk and water put out daily.

If you have any queries Reception staff are always happy to answer any questions so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Times of a school day
8.50 Reception doors open
9.00 - Register/phonics
9.20 - Independent learning
10.50 - Maths
11.30 - Lunch
12.45 - Topic
1.00 - Independent learning
2.30 - Story time
2.55- End of school

(Please allow your child to enter independently this allows them to take responsibility of their belongings)

We also have PE on a Wednesday, which the children love. (Please make sure you name your child's PE kit)

On Thursdays there will be a forest school session running (x2 a term for each class). Each class will take it in turns so please check which dates your child's class will be going, you can find a copy of this on your child's class window.

Lots more information in our Reception Essential Meeting Presentation