Sportshall Athletics Competition

logo-sm 19th January 2017

Competing against 7 other North Oxfordshire primary schools, Dashwood pupils from year 5 and 6 enjoyed a morning of athletic events.

Starting with a warm up led by Banbury Academy Young Leaders, the teams were raring to go! Starting with a relay, both teams, blue and red, put in every ounce of energy they had and gave it their all.

They then challenged themselves on the long jump, javelin, chest push, speed bounce and vertical jump.

The Spirit of the Games Value was 'passion' which was awarded to Muneebah and Milan for being positive and enjoying the activities, trying their best and because they kept on trying even when it was tough. Faith and Callum were also awarded our Star of the Day certificates for their positive mindsets during the competition – before the competition Faith said she couldn’t understand why she was going to the event because she was not good at athletics. On the way home she reflected how much she had enjoyed the morning and that she was good at more than she thought.
Warming upWarming up with Young Leaders from Banbury Academy 

Here is what the pupils thought of the experience:

Ashley: It was exciting and fun to work as a team.
Abbi: I was impressed by my performance and I now know I can do it!
Corey: I loved the running because I got to run up the board on the wall - I've never done that before!
Muneebah: I never thought I'd say this but I really enjoyed the relay running. I never used to enjoy running but I loved this event.

The Red Team came 1st place in the javelin.
The Blue Team came 1st place in the long jump.

Red Team: Jemma, Mujtaba, Faith, Mohsin, Corey, Callum, Muneebah, Yagmur
Blue Team: Milan, Haroon, Abbi, Ashley, Rezija, Mohammed, Jameson, Michaela

throwingYoung Leaders of Banbury Academy and past Dashwood Banbury Academy pupils supporting our Year 5 and 6 pupils

relay race
Team relay races – working together

long jump
Long jump – trying to beat our personal bests

School Games Value of ‘Passion’ awarded to Muneebah and Milan for trying their bestPassion Award