Sports Premium 2014-16

Dashwood Banbury Academy Sports Premium funding report for 2014/2015

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that the Government will commit funding for the Primary PE and Sport Premium to 2020, with £750m to be invested over the course of the next parliament. The investment builds on the £150m a year ring fenced funding currently committed for schools until 2016 to increase primary PE and sport opportunities. This is ring fenced funding - allocated directly to primary schools across England, and it became effective in September 2013. The Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium must be spent on improving the provision and quality of PE and sport in primary schools so that pupils develop healthy lifestyles.

Dashwood Banbury Academy has received £8850 for the current academic year 2014/2015.

50% of this funding has been spent on our annual affiliation to North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership (NOSSP). This affiliation gives Dashwood Banbury Academy access to regular expert advice from a secondary PE specialist, quality assured professional development training for teachers and teaching assistants, occasional input and support from qualified sports coaches, access to regular sports competitions and festivals including national School Games competitions, support with the development and delivery of primary Change4Life sports clubs and evaluation tools to help measure and monitor progress and impact.

The other 50% the funding has been used to train our PE Co-ordinator to Level 5/6 PE Specialist (afPE endorsed) so that we can continue coaching and mentoring within school to ensure that there is sustainability and to promote PE specialisation in the workforce. The PE co-ordinator has successfully gained the Level 5 qualification (June 2015) and will complete the Level 6 in the academic year 2015/16.

The impact the PE funding has had at Dashwood Banbury Academy 2014/2015

Physical activity and well-being are at the heart of the school’s and PE vision statement.

The 50% contribution of funds has allowed us to continue to participate in the North Oxfordshire Schools Sports Program offering:-

  • Well established calendar of level 2 and 3 competitions throughout the year of which we have entered into 100% of Level 2 competitions offered.  223 pupils participated in Level 2 or 3 competitions or festivals throughout the year, including 12 pupils registered on the SEN register.
  • CPD for PE staff procuring quality-assured professional training to raise their confidence and competence in teaching PE and sport. We have trained a staff member to continue the C4L club and to support our Junior Leaders/SSOC.
  • Access to high quality coaches working alongside KS1 and KS2 teachers to support them in effective delivery of PE and School Sport to ensure that teaching standards are raised and learning opportunities maximised
  • Membership to the Youth Sport Trust with resources such as expert advice on how to evaluate the school’s current strengths and weaknesses in PE and sport, YST PE Co-ordinator Module training and the implementation of plans for improvement

NOSSP affiliation also provides automatic full primary membership to Youth Sport Trust and a range of additional benefits and support including the Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark. Dashwood Banbury Academy has achieved Silver Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark 2014/15 for our current PE provision and outcomes.

The school was also awarded a Silver School Games Mark 2014/2015 for our commitment to and the development of competition, school sport and physical education across our school.

  • Continuation of the Change 4 Life programs, with successfully established Change4Life club run during curriculum time targeting less-active pupils and those with engagement issues or low attendance. This club has been very successful to date – pupils enjoy and always attend as it is in curriculum time so participation rate remains high. On average the pupils have increased their physical activity by 3.5 hours per week since starting the club and all recognise the benefits of physical exercise and the enjoyment associated with it. Another staff member has been trained to deliver this program to ensure sustainability.
  • NOSSP SSCO has trained a further member of staff to deliver Junior Leader/School Sport Organising Crew training and moderation. Dashwood Banbury Academy have established a new Junior Leader team/SSOC to support Lunchtime Supervisors in the delivery of lunchtime activities for the forth-coming academic year 2015/2016.  

Dashwood Banbury Academy PE Audit 2014/2015 and Action Plan 2015/2016

Year 2 2014/2015

Timescale Focus/Target Strategy/Action COST Success Criteria Review
To achieve a standard mark from the Youth Sport Trust
Silver Quality Mark

To achieve the Sainsburys School Games Kite Mark
Achieve all the criteria necessary to be awarded bronze standard for the delivery of school sport.


Achieve all the criteria necessary to be awarded a school games kitemark.

Application completed June 2015 – awaiting result.  
Membership paid by our Option 2 contribution to the North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership which gives us membership to Youth Sports Trust and Sainsburys School Games Yearly achievement of Quality mark standard
Yearly Kite mark awarded
in recognition of our commitment to school sports and PE
PE Audit and evidence for Youth Sport Trust quality mark completed annually.

PE audit to and evidence for Sainsbury’s School Games mark completed annually.
April – May 2014 To set up a Change4Life club to promote a healthy, active lifestyles for KS2 pupils identified as less-active, low engagement and/or low attendance with a focus on pupil premium children
Change 4 Life Club successfully set up. Another  staff member trained to continue the club for next academic year to ensure sustainability.
  Establish a Change4Life club during curriculum time to maximise participation rate and ensure high attendance Increase pupils physical activity and through NOSSP pupils will attend inclusion and C4L festival
May 2014 To train and moderate a team of KS2 Junior Leaders/SSOC to deliver lunchtime activities alongside LTA’s
June 2015
15 Year 4 Junior Leaders/SSOC trained along with  staff member to ensure sustainability going forward
    Training and moderation completed – June 2015
To train new JL’s/SSOC every May to ensure continuation and sustainability


Dashwood Banbury Academy PE Action Plan vision 2015/2016

Due to high new staff employment with the expansion of the school, we have decided to invest 90% of our School Sports Premium in Option 3 of the North Oxfordshire School Sports Partnership scheme. This will provide new staff and existing employees with high-quality Physical Education mentoring to continue the current high-standard of teaching and learning and sustainability going forward.

With the on-going success of our whole school swimming, the rest of the School Sport Premium will support the participation in swimming lessons - with extra swimming sessions for those identified as less able swimmers to increase their chance of success. The aim is to ensure that by Year 6, all pupils will achieve the statutory 25 metre award at least and many pupils will exceed this level achieving their water safety skills. We understand that this life-skill is especially vital for our pupils who have a canal and river in their town and that as a school, we invest in supporting their safety.

Dashwood Banbury Academy Action Plan 2015/2016

Year 3 2015/2016

Timescale Focus/Target Strategy/Action COST Success Criteria Review
September 2015 – July 2016 To invest 90% of School Sports Premium in the North Oxfordshire School Sports Partnership Option 3 scheme to up-skill and develop teacher confidence in teaching PE through high-quality mentoring   NOSSP to deliver coaching and mentoring to create a sustainable skill set across the teaching staff at Dashwood Banbury Academy Staff audit to review impact of mentoring and identify future CPD need
September 2015 – July 2016      

PE coordinator to work with our mentor to
establish new schemes of work and Programmes of Study based on the PE curriculum.
Produce clear and detailed lesson plans & resources for all staff to be able to access.  

To develop further our assessment of pupils and ways to measure impact especially of C4L club

To improve the quality & consistency of provision of PE & help improve staff confidence in their delivery in order to improve levels and standards

NOSSP to support new staff teaching PE through team teaching, lesson planning and coaching in lessons

Use of PE self-assessment audit to identify strengths and areas for improvement particularly of newly appointed staff and teachers in early stages of their career (NQT’s)

  Progressive lesson plans including key skills  accessible to all staff End of Year 3 meeting PE Co-Ordinator and Principal to identify strengths & areas of improvement
September 2015 – July 2016   Monitoring of assessment & levels

Improved confidence in staff

Improved quality of teaching

Improving levels & progress of pupil
Learning walks and observations to identify strengths and CPD need
September 2015 – July 2016 To continue Year 2 – 6 swimming lessons and sessions for Reception and Year 1 to ensure 100% of pupils complete Year 6 with their 25 metre award with top-up sessions for those who need extra support   100% of Year 6 pupils to achieve their 25 metre award February 2015 to identify pupils who need ‘top-up’ lessons to increase their skill