Sensational Skipping Day


On Wednesday 8th February 2017, Key stage 1 and 2 pupils skipped their way to a positive mindset; learning that if they were determined they could improve and achieve! Skip2Bfit’s John McCormack spent the day with us promoting skipping as a fitness and wellbeing activity for everybody. The Youth Sport Trust award winning, skipping workshops use specially designed counting skipping ropes to incorporate numeracy whilst promoting fitness and healthy living. Our aim is to ensure that Skip2Bfit challenges are set on a daily basis in our lunchtimes and that the ropes will be used in our Active Learning sessions. Pupils were also provided with free blueberries to educate them that exercise and eating healthily go hand in hand.


Skipping in playground

Skipping is a fantastic exercise that gives the fundamentals of all sports i.e balance, timing and footwork and the workshops ensured that all of our pupils could participate and achieve. The sessions were great fun and pupils loved the challenge and the fun and motivation that competition brings.


PresentationIt was wonderful to see the high levels of engagement from not only our pupils, but also our staff and parents! Competition amongst the staff was high; seeing who could complete the most skips in 2 minutes. Miss Rocher was the winner, closely followed by Mrs Blincow. It was great to see so many parents interested in the initiative at the end of the school day and Mrs Katrantzis has set the bar very high indeed! We have published the results in our school reception area and would be delighted to hear how you and your family are getting on with the challenge of a 2 minute skip! Can you beat the pupils or even the teachers?!

buying skipping ropes

Skipping photos