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  • The Underground Railroad

    The Underground Railroad
    1st July 2020

    Year 6 have been learning about The Underground Railroad - a secret network that slaves used to escape to freedom. They have been learning about how people would make quilts bearing secret codes as a way to send messages to each other. Year 6 have had a go at recreating the patterns with paper. It was harder than it looked, but lots of fun! Read more

  • Nature in the playground!

    Nature in the playground!
    26th June 2020

    In the Reception playground, we have been carefully observing a Dove's nest. This week the eggs hatched! The children were so excited! Well done Reception for treating the area with respect and kindness! Read more

  • Learning is fun at Dashwood!

    Learning is fun at Dashwood!
    26th June 2020

    More fun at Dashwood this week! If your child is in Plum class in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 and not attending school we would love to welcome them back! Read more

  • Super creativity and engagement

    Super creativity and engagement
    24th June 2020

    Learning at Dashwood is super fun and engaging! From Year 6 right down to Early Years, our pupils are so creative. Read more

  • Great first week back!

    Great first week back!
    5th June 2020

    What a great week we have had! The pupils have loved being in school and had so much fun. We've seen bubble playing to get to grips with the new ideas of bubbles, problem solving and art taking place. Pupils in Reception have even been using technology to share their work and talk to the children in their class who are in different bubbles! Well done everyone for being positive, smiley and hard working! Read more