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  • Virtual reality awe!

    Virtual reality awe!
    2nd February 2018

    What an inspiring way to start February and reflect on our World War II topic! Year 6 visited the amazing Virtual Reality suite at Space Studio Banbury to experience what it would have felt like to live in London during the Blitz. The VR put them in a house in the city during World War II with Winston Churchill’s infamous address of the nation playing over the wireless. Then came the air raid siren and pupils had to board up the windows of the house to protect themselves from the ‘Blitz’ bombing. The children reflected on their learning over the term and how it would have felt to live at that time. Read more

  • Sound Training

    Sound Training
    30th January 2018

    Some of our Year 6 children have successfully completed their sound training programme! They have worked hard to learn many strategies to decode tricky words and new vocabulary. Many of their reading ages have increased by over 36 months- Wow! Read more

  • Bedtime Stories Evening

    Bedtime Stories Evening
    30th January 2018

    After school we held our FSU Bedtime Stories Evening. Children and staff came to school dressed in pyjamas and listened to the story 'What the Ladybird Heard'. In groups we then did a range of activities around the story, including face-painting, biscuit decorating, exploring the farm and character crafts. The children had a wonderful time and staff did a fantastic job running the event. Read more

  • Vets and Pets

    Vets and Pets
    29th January 2018

    As part of our vets and pets topic, the Reception children visited Pets at Home. While we were there we got to meet some of the animals, and some brave children even held some worms and crickets! As we walked around we discussed the different things pets need and also had a look at finding the prices of things. We then used our maths skills to compare which items were expensive and which were cheaper. We were also lucky enough to get a tour of the veterinary surgery too. Finally we chose some items to buy for Patch our class guinea-pig, before setting off back to school on the minibus. Read more

  • Junior Citizens

    Junior Citizens
    11th January 2018

    Year 6 had a brilliant day at Junior Citizens in Oxford. All of the children learnt some really valuable lessons about safety and were able to experience these for themselves. This included being given the opportunity to make a 999 call, water safety, fire safety, cycle safety, train safety, road safety, internet safety and safety at home. Read more