Virtual reality awe!

What an inspiring way to start February and reflect on our World War II topic! Year 6 visited the amazing Virtual Reality suite at Space Studio Banbury to experience what it would have felt like to live in London during the Blitz. The VR put them in a house in the city during World War II with Winston Churchill’s infamous address of the nation playing over the wireless. Then came the air raid siren and pupils had to board up the windows of the house to protect themselves from the ‘Blitz’ bombing. The children reflected on their learning over the term and how it would have felt to live at that time.

Liam: I felt like I was really in a house in London during the Blitz. I could hear Churchill’s speech and the air raid sirens. I was shaking because it felt so real. I went back in time!

Kyra: It felt so real!

Igor: I got to feel what it would have been like to live in the time. The sounds helped me to experience life as a person living through World War II in London during the Blitz.

Kai: I felt I had to rush because of the sirens. It felt like an emergency like it would have felt during the Blitz. My life depended on it.

Munib: It was epic! I lost sense of the real world! I now have a sense of what people living through that time went through.

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