Theatre workshops boost confidence

Cherwell Theatre Company - Transition workshops - 26th February 2020

Year 6 were delighted to take part in theatre workshops with the Cherwell Theatre Company. The session focused on the important issue of transition as our pupils consider their moves to secondary school. The session included activities for pupils introducing themselves calmly and with confidence when they meet new people and getting to know new people through three simple steps - to listen, to focus and to concentrate.

Pupils then organised themselves into groups using their listening skills - finding out about others and what they are interested in. They shared their favourite subjects that they do now at a primary school and what they will look forward to at secondary school or in further education.

Cherwell Theatre Company workshop

Pupils reflected on what they were excited about when moving to secondary school:

Rylee: Learning new things
Laurie: Doing a lot of sport
Leona: Having greater independence.

Freeze frame activities focused on the summer holidays before transition, their first day at secondary school and last day at primary school.

J: I’m enjoying playing with my new friends (in the freeze frame activity)

The last part of the session focused on making choices at transition would mean greater independence - with the message that it is ok to agree and disagree with things and have different opinions. Pupils reflected:

Leona: Secondary school is a new start and a new me!
Rico: Secondary school is the next stage. I’m worried but my friends are all moving too.

A great morning was had by all of our Year 6 pupils as they shared emotions, positive thoughts and asked questions about their important transition to secondary school.

Many thanks to Sophie and Diane from Cherwell Theatre Company for the fantastic and engaging sessions that really opened up some very important discussions and reflections.

Find out more about the Cherwell Theatre Company here:

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