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  • Mental and emotional wellbeing

    Mental and emotional wellbeing
    17th September 2019

    Our new school rules and behaviour policy is off to a flying start! Every class has been completing lessons to develop their mental and emotional wellbeing and pupils are talking about how much it is helping them. Our new thinking zones are a quiet place to reflect on behaviours and pupils are learning to self-regulate. Read more

  • My best year at Dashwood

    My best year at Dashwood
    9th September 2019

    All year groups have been focusing on 'How can I make this my best year at Dashwood?' and have showcased to their parents and carers their brilliant ideas for their future learning. Read more

  • Fantastic start to the new academic year

    Fantastic start to the new academic year
    3rd September 2019

    What a fantastic start to the new academic year! It was wonderful to welcome back all of our pupils looking smart in their school uniform and ready to learn. Today, pupils have discussed how they are going to make this their best year yet. Classes have explored in detail our school rules: Ready, Responsible and Safe through a range of different lessons and activities. Pupils have also begun to learn about the Zones of Regulation and what it means to be in the 'Green Zone' where they feel happy, calm and ready to learn. Over the coming days and weeks, we will explore all four of the zones, begin to learn how we can self-regulate and discover strategies to help manage our emotions. Read more

  • Summer fun at Youth Club

    Summer fun at Youth Club
    22nd August 2019

    We had a fantastic summer Youth Club session! It’s was great to see some familiar faces and some new ones. Thank you to the staff who organised and ran this free event and to the Play:full project for donating the yummy food! Read more

  • Youth Club Opens!

    Youth Club Opens!
    23rd April 2019

    Our brand new Youth Club launched on Tuesday 23rd April was so successful. A huge thank you to the staff who set it up and to the local firms who donated money. Read more