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  • Real Life Heroes

    Real Life Heroes
    24th January 2019

    Year 1 and 2 enjoyed welcoming our real life heroes to school. They met the firemen, got to sit in the fire engine, squirt the hose and had a guided tour of the engine itself! They also listened very carefully to the fire safety talk back in their classroom. Read more

  • Young Voices

    Young Voices
    23rd January 2019

    The Young Voices choir had a fantastic day in Birmingham. They did Dashwood proud as they joined over 6,000 children singing a selection of songs they had been working hard to learn in school. Read more

  • Spotacular Thank You!

    Spotacular Thank You!
    22nd January 2019

    We sent a Spotacular donation of £450.02 to BBC Children in Need. They have written to us to say 'thank you': 'The energy, creativity and generosity from all our nurseries, schools and colleges has been truly fantastic. We are so grateful to you for being part of it and we hope you had fun doing your thing! Read more

  • Great Homework Projects

    Great Homework Projects
    21st January 2019

    Well done to everyone who has brought in their homework project. So much time and effort has been put into them. We have seen writing, 3D models, PowerPoint presentations and large information sheets based on your topics. Read more

  • Year 2 at Forest School

    Year 2 at Forest School
    15th January 2019

    Year 2 pupils have been really enjoying going out for forest school sessions. They have made some mud hedgehogs. The children enjoyed thinking carefully about what sticks to use. They spent some time discussing that it was best to use sticks that had fallen from trees already rather than breaking them off living plants. It was great to see them thinking carefully about looking after the world around them. Read more