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  • Bring your Hero to School

    Bring your Hero to School
    11th January 2019

    Pupils invited a 'hero' into school to celebrate their learning with them. It was so lovely to see so many people able to attend these sessions; the atmosphere around the school was electric! The children were able to spend quality time showing their work and being proud of their achievements so far this year. As a school we aim to engage the parents and carers as much as possible in the children's learning, thank you to everyone who attended the session. Read more

  • A Letter from The Queen

    A Letter from The Queen
    11th January 2019

    Wow! Year 2 pupils wrote to the Queen last term as part of their history topic and a member of the Queen's royal team wrote back! Everyone was very excited in school. Read more

  • Celebration Assemblies

    Celebration Assemblies
    20th December 2018

    We have started our termly tradition of holding celebration assemblies. The pupils who earned certificates were so proud of themselves; they were very well deserved. Well done everyone for your hard work and showing motivation in your learning! Read more

  • Phenomenal Performing Arts

    Phenomenal Performing Arts
    20th December 2018

    The Performing Arts club were absolutely phenomenal. They confidently acted out a mini version of A Christmas Carol having worked very hard with our resident author Lawrence Prestidge. Well done for being brave and super talented to everyone involved. What a great way to end the term. Read more

  • Christmas Dinner

    Christmas Dinner
    20th December 2018

    We all had a fantastic Christmas dinner. Amazing food, music, Christmas crackers and great company. Read more