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  • Story Museum Arts Awards

    Story Museum Arts Awards
    15th July 2019

    Six Year 6 pupils represented Dashwood Banbury Academy at the Story Museum in Oxford today to collect their well-earned Arts Awards! All pupils who submitted a portfolio were accredited with the award for their hard work during the year-long project. The visit today celebrated all of the pupils’ efforts with presentations made by Story Museum resident authors, special guests and the children themselves. Read more

  • Leadership Skills

    Leadership Skills
    12th July 2019

    Pupils from Years 1 - 6 took part in a leadership event. All classes worked hard to make a product to sell and advertise it around the school. The children enjoyed ice lollies, pizzas, biscuits, popcorn, games and much more as they explored the different things to buy! Well done to all classes for their hard work. Read more

  • Sewing Club

    Sewing Club
    11th July 2019

    Miss Shaw has just completed her sewing club and is delighted with the results. The children have worked hard and have each made a scrap fabric cushion. They have had to select, measure and cut the fabric before using the sewing machine. The children are quite rightly proud of the wonderful outcomes they have produced over this term. Read more

  • Visiting The Warriner Farm

    Visiting The Warriner Farm
    5th July 2019

    Plum class had a fantastic time at Warriner Farm. They saw so many animals including sheep, snakes and rabbits. They were all so well behaved and really enjoyed their time there. Read more

  • Camp Night

    Camp Night
    4th July 2019

    Pupils in Early Years and Year 1 enjoyed an evening of camping activities expertly led by staff and the Year 5 pupils. They decorated biscuits, apple bobbed, had their face painted and completed many more exciting activities. Pupils in Year 5 then stayed over in tents on the school field! This provided them with a wonderful life experience of sleeping under the stars! Read more