Year 5's second visit to Greatworth Hall

27th February 2017 – Forest School visit to Greatworth Hall – our partnership farm

Year 5 pupils had a very exciting second visit to Greatworth Hall – our partner farm. Here are some of their reflections of their experiences.

‘We learned about the life cycle of a hen. It starts with a hen and a cockerel’. Konrad

Collecting eggs

‘We collected eggs from the chicken coop. They have been kept in their hen house for 90 days, this is because the Government have advised that farmers keep their hens locked up for this time because of the threat of Avian Influenza (bird flu)’. Max and Shinade

making pancakes

Eat Well plate

We then took the eggs to the kitchen, excited for another session of cooking using produce from the farm ‘We made pancakes because tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday.’ Alyssa. We also cooked a Spanish Omelette and learned how the ingredients we used contributed to a healthy and balanced diet.

Walk and sheep

Next was a walk up to the barn. ‘The ewes are due to have their lambs on Friday. They were in different pens - ewes that were having one lamb, twins, triplets and one ewe was even expecting four lambs’. Chloe


In the barn, the children made a scarecrow that could be used on the farm land where crops are growing.

Reflections of the day:

‘I have enjoyed visiting Greatworth Hall because I never knew anything about the hen life cycle’. Aiden

‘I enjoyed coming to Greatworth Hall. I loved the cooking especially eating the pancakes that we made’. Michaela

‘I loved being outside, I learned about the lifecycle of hens and sheep’. Chloe