Year 5 and Year 1 Forest School

Forest School canoe

Exploring the wildlife area - 2nd May 2017

Today Year 5 pupils shared the Forest School area with their Year 1 peers who were out bug hunting. They really thrived on helping their younger peers to discover new bugs, where to find them and develop their spirit of adventure and show bravery by holding them.

Forest School - looking at bugs

Reflecting on her afternoon, Caley said 'I liked holding the worm and showing Year 1 children. I tried to persuade them to hold it and showed them it wouldn't hurt them. Most still wouldn't but they did come closer because they trusted me'.

Pavel reflected, 'Jared, Igor and I were finding spiders' and Kai continued 'I loved showing the younger pupils and enjoyed watching them build up the courage to come and see it'.

Munib was excited by the different spider markings 'I enjoyed spider hunting - it is amazing how different their patterns can be'.

Leah enjoyed her afternoon for social reasons because she had the time to play, 'I loved playing in the yurt with my friends. We played families.'

During the Forest School session, Josh Smith shared his interests outside of school, 'At the weekends I go rowing in a rowing boat called the 'Spud bucket'. We go to the Slinket in Adderbury. To go forward to have to paddle backwards and to go backwards you have to paddle forwards. It's the opposite really'.

Getting muddy and being creative with natural resources - 9th May 2017

Forest School mini beast hunt

Today, we used mud and the natural resources available to us in the wildlife area to create mud people and animals. We also made homes for them to live in. Our creations inspired our Year 1 friends who also began making modes of the bugs they were finding on their minibeast hunt.

Donte and Freddy (Year 1) created a millipede using wood, twigs, clover leaves and dandelions. Very proud Donte said, 'Look we made a millipede! These are its eyes and its antennae!'

Year 5 pupils created a ladybird, mud people and even houses for their news creations to live in. Joshua Smith, Munib and Tyson even had a go at weaving to create a home made from sticks.

Forest School - mud models