Weird and Wonderful Poetry

Celebrating Roald Dahl’s Weird and Wonderful Poetry
Year 3 have enjoyed celebrating the life of the author Roald Dahl. A mysterious box was delivered to their classroom and inside they found three very strange objects…Some prickles/spines, a 50p piece and a par of pliers. The children had great fun trying to work out what the objects were for and how they linked together. Through their own questions and discussions they deduced that the prickles belonged to an animal and that the pliers were to help the animal pull their prickles out when they wanted to change them for new ones! A bit like a new hair-do! Pupils made links to Roald Dahl’s character The Enormous Crocodile. The mystery items led them, after much animated discussion and questioning, to Roald Dahl’s poem The Porcupine. The next challenge was to create a short piece of drama in the form of a news report where pupils took on the role of a news reporter or one of the characters from the poem.


The mysterious items


Interviewing Mr and Mrs Porcupine…
Mr Porcupine’s valuable lesson to news viewers was ‘always look down before you sit down. You never know what you might sit on! A porcupine is not a comfy seat!’