Cultural Day

SB Cultural Day

Cultural Day 12th October 2017

Silver Birch class enjoyed a day full of  activities to explore different cultures. They day began with finding out about the Aboriginal people of Australia. We learned that Aborigine history goes back 40,000 years making them one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Aboriginal people who live in the Central Desert region get all their food from the land they live in. They eat seeds, fruit, vegetables, reptiles and insects.

Australian Aboriginals spoke different languages, but had the same religious beliefs that focused on the natural environment around them. Traditionally, they have a map of their landscape that is passed on to each new generation verbally through their Dreamtime stories. Aboriginals do not have a written language like we do, so their art stands for a written language. They have layers of hidden meanings.  This was the starting point for our day of artwork. First we explored stories from around the world including countries that we have links to: Poland, Pakistan as well as Mexico, Punjab, Germany, Philippines. We then used the Aboriginal art form, made up from a series of painted dots, to create symbols for our chosen stories.

Silver Birch Cultural Day photos

In the afternoon, we shared the food that families had kindly provided that reflected their culture and heritage. Pupils loved trying new foods and sharing with their peers. It was wonderful to see so many dressed in their traditional dress, feeling and being proud of their culture.

Silver Birch Cultural Day photos