We will be publishing what we are learning during each term throughout the year. Watch this space to see what is happening in Term 5 in and out of the classroom and for useful information for Beech and Sycamore classes.

Visit to the Story Museum

Year 5 had a wonderful visit to the Story Museum in Oxford. As part of the Discover Arts Award, they visited the museum to see how, through its immersive exhibitions and gallery spaces, stories are brought to life. The museum celebrates stories in all forms and explore their enduring power to teach and delight.

Pupils had the opportunity to ask the museum curators questions which will go towards their Discover arts award submission. We will complete the work for submission next term and hope that all students will gain this prestigious starting award on what we hope, will be their Arts Award journey.

football match

On a sunny afternoon, our Year 5/6 Girls Football Team had a great home match against Deddington this week. Both teams played really well and showed great respect and sportsmanship. Dashwood won 2-1 but it was their collaboration that really shone! Well done to the team!

Collaborative project with the Story Museum and storyteller Jumana Moon

Excitingly, we partnered with The Story Museum, Oxford and Banbury Madni Masjid (Mosque), creating art together for the Mosque’s very special library. The Story Museum ignited the childrens’ imaginations and creativity through their story telling focusing on stories told in the Islamic religion. This exciting collaborative project has an additional amazing opportunity whereby our year 5 pupils work towards their Discover Arts Award qualifications! During the day, pupils attended an art session with textile artist Anne, and Lisa from the Story Museum. They discussed the exciting project being created at the Mosque and then created leaves of kindness; first on paper, then on fabric. On the paper leaf, pupils wrote a message of kindness for someone special in their lives. The fabric leaves created will be joined together to create a leaf canopy in the Mosque’s library.

Jumana Moon, an amazing storyteller, shared stories with the children; stories from Islam from over 1000 years ago that had been passed from generation to generation. The stories were focused on the themes of the environment, Ramadan and on generosity.

Pupils learned how to greet another in Arabic ‘salaam alaikum’ – Peace be with you – and respond – ‘Wa alaikum salaam’. Pupils learned the story of how the road bent because of the generosity of the people of a village ending with the thought-provoking statement: If generosity bent the road, imagine what generosity can do to the heart.

The second story told was about the Musaharati – The Ramadan Drummer, which focused on the special time of Ramadan.

The final story told of the importance of caring for the environment with a lasting thought that ‘even if the world should end, if you are in the middle of planting a tree, finish planting it’. This shows the importance of looking after the environment so it can be enjoyed by future generations.


trip to Greatworth Hall Farm

Sycamore Class have started their term with a wonderful trip to Greatworth Hall Farm! Pupils thoroughly enjoyed their visits where they learned so much in many fun and creative ways!

Putting their Maths and Design Technology skills to good use, pupils measured out ingredients to make savoury cheese and chive scones. As part of their work with food, pupils learned how to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. The session certainly instilled a love of cooking in our pupils and allowed them to work as a team and be creative using their chopping and mixing skills as well as rolling and cutting out the dough to construct the scones. Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill that enables pupils to feed themselves and others affordably and well, now and in later life. The savoury recipe followed certainly did this! We learned where the ingredients that we were cooking with, came from, and saw them in their raw and natural form eg: wheat from the farmer’s field, eggs from the farm hens etc. The session focused on seasonality; learning where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed. We even made our own butter from cream! Pupils also designed their own packaging labels for their scones considering the importance of eye-catching designs and the information required to inform the customer.

Linked to our WWI topic, we related the importance of growing crops to ensure there was enough food to eat at a time when food was scarce and could not be imported. We also discussed how farms were worked, for the first time, by women during WWI as the men were often away fighting in the war. We will hone in on this further during our classroom sessions and the role that women played with particular focus on women in Banbury.

During our visit, we also had a go at herding a flock of sheep; visited the saddleback pigs and even stroked a lamb!

Thank you to all at Greatworth Hall Farm – Rosie, Nathan and all the team – for the wonderful experiences and opportunities that they provide for us at Dashwood. Our visits always inspire a true sense of awe and wonder and reverence for our natural environment.

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We will be publishing what we are learning during each term throughout the year. Watch this space to see what is happening in Term 4…

Term 4

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