Harriers Banbury Academy Statutory Consultation

Statutory Consultation Document

Admissions arrangements for Harriers Banbury Academy

You can download the Harriers Banbury Academy Admissions Policy for entry in September 2023 here.

Nursery admissions are administered by the academy, see the Applying for Nursery page.

The Department for Education’s Schools Admissions Code1 sets out mandatory requirements, statutory guidance, and expectations around the allocation of school places.

The purpose of the Code is to ensure all school places for maintained schools and Academies (excluding maintained special schools and special academies) are allocated and offered in an open and fair way. The Code has the force of law, and the words ‘must’ or ‘must not’ represent a mandatory requirement.

The Code stipulates:

15 (a) All schools must have admission arrangements that clearly set out how children will be admitted, including the criteria that will be applied if there are more applications than places at the school. Admission arrangements are determined by admission authorities.
15 (b) Admission authorities must set (‘determine’) admission arrangements annually. Where changes are proposed to admission arrangements, the admission authority must first publicly consult on those arrangements. If no changes are made to admission arrangements, they must be consulted on at least once every 7 years. Consultation must be for a minimum of 6 weeks and must take place between 1 October and 31 January of the school year before those arrangements are to apply (the determination year).

 The Proposed Change
This consultation relates to the requirement for ongoing consultation every 7 years. There is no proposed change to the admission arrangements in force, apart from simplifying language.

The Consultation Process
As required under the Code (section 1.47) the following groups are being consulted:

  1. parents of children between the ages of two and eighteen
  2. others in the area who the admission authority believe may have an interest in the proposed admissions
  3. all other admission authorities within the relevant area (primary schools need not consult secondaries)
  4. whichever of the governing body and the local authority is not the admission authority
  5. any adjoining neighbouring local authorities where the admission authority is the local authority and
  6. for schools designated with a religious character, the body representing the religious denomination

These groups will be consulted via Local Authority notification and information placed on the websites for the Banbury district primary and secondary Aspirations Academies, including:

https://www.dashwood-aspirations.org                https://www.wykhampark-aspirations.org

https://www.harriers-aspirations.org                     https://www.futuresbanbury.org

The Consultation Period
The consultation will last for 6 working weeks, from 22 November 2021 to 17 January 2022.

Contact Us
Please direct comments and views to:

Amy Willson, Business Manager, Harriers Banbury Academy, Bloxham Road, Banbury OX16 9JW
Email:  awillson@harriers-aspirations.org    Tel: 01295-263067

Thank you.

[1] School Admissions Code 2021 available online at:  https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1001050/School_admissions_code_2021.pdf

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