Year 6 try Heart Academy’s VR

Heart Research UK’s Heart Academy

Heart Academy logo

Year 6 were some of the first to try new technology developed by National charity Heart Research UK. Heart Research UK’s brand new ‘Heart Academy’ visited Dashwood Banbury Academy with new Oculus Go virtual reality headsets on 27th February.

The Heart Academy is developing new resources using the latest technologies to enhance pupil learning and their understanding of the heart and how to look after it properly. These virtual reality headsets took the pupils on a journey through the heart as though they were a red blood cell. The technology makes you feel like you have to squeeze through the valves which open and close with every heartbeat.

The pupils really enjoyed the experience, comments included “I didn’t know the heart looked like that!”, “I had a great time!” and “it was awesome!” Also lots of new information learned; “I didn’t know what valves were before” and “I didn’t know that the heart has 4 chambers”.

Thanks very much for having us and we look forward to visiting again soon.

Lucy Todd
Heart Academy Development Officer

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