Reception Newsletter Term 6

Reception Cotswolds Wildlife Trip – 12 June 2022

Pear class letter

Reception Newsletter term 5
Reception Project based learning term 5 – A pirates life for me

Reception parent transition leaflet

Dashwood NCMP pre-measurement parent letter 2022
NCMP 2022 parent information leaflet

Easter Hat Parade – April 2022

Reception Newsletter Term 4 2022

Reception warn and inform letter

Reception newsletter term 3

Reception – Term 3 project based learning

Peach Class Church Trip

Pear Class Church Trip

Reception newsletter term 2

Reception Term 1 Newsletter

Reception Project Based Learning Term 1 2021

Splash party letter July 2021

Reception Newsletter Term 6 – 2021

NCMP Letter to Parent Carer

NCMP Parent Carer Information Leaflet

Reception Newsletter term 5

Reception Project based learning term 5 – A pirates life for me

Pear class staffing letter March 2021

Reception Newsletter Term 4

Tuesday 12th January 2021 Reception Home Learning

Monday 11th January -Reception Home Learning Plan

Project based learning – Reception – Term 3

Reception newsletter – Term 3 – 16th December 2020

Reception Planning 30 November & 1 December

Potential confirmed case letter Reception 29 November 2020

NELI letter to Reception parents 24 November

Reception newsletter – Term 2 – 23rd October 2020

Reception Home Time Letter 16 October

Suspended Vision Screening Letter for Reception Children September 2020

Reception Children Health Review 10 September 2020

Reception Home Learning Projects 17th July 2020

September 2020 Term 1 Reception Newsletter 17 July 2020

Reception Home Learning 6th July- 17th July 2020

Meet the staff in Pear class for September 2020

Meet the staff in Peach class for September 2020

Reception  Graduation Ceremony 28th June

Reception Home Learning 22nd June – 3rd July 2020

Reception Home Learning – 8th June -19th June 202020

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