Anti-Bullying Ambassador Policy

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Anti-bullying from the students

Click below to listen to a presentation by our Antibullying Ambassadors who explain what bullying is, and how any child can get support it they are being bullied. From their training by The Diana Award, the ambassadors have learned about how they can support pupils who are experiencing bullying behaviours. The Diana Award was founded on Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that young people have the power to change their community, their country and the world. They exist to empower young people to make that positive change. At Dashwood, our Anti-bullying ambassadors are campaigning to create change and hope to empower their peers, and all Dashwood pupils, to support one another.


A great start to the new school year 2023/2024 – Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors receive anti-racist bullying training from the Diana Award

On Wednesday 4th October, our Anti-Bullying Ambassador received their first training session from the Diana Award which was focused on anti-racist bullying behaviour. We learned that racist bullying behaviour is when some repeatedly, verbally or indirectly targets another person based on their skin colour, their actual or assumed culture, ethnicity, nationality or race. We discussed ‘exclusion’ in the training: leaving someone out or treating them unfairly because of the colour of their skin.

All of the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors approached their first training session with maturity and incredible reflection – exploring how we can ensure Anti-Racist Bullying Behaviour does not happen at Dashwood, but if it should, how we deal with it and educate others to ensure that it does not continue.

Our Ambassadors: Year 6 Leads: Grace, Pola, Year 6: Naail, Rameen, Lacey, Nikita, Lexi D, Tilca, Sabrina, Rosie, Mya, Ella, Sophia Year 5: Tomasz, Eesha-Bela, Riley


Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training – The Diana Award

Excitingly, on Tuesday 8th November 2022, ten of our KS2 pupils travelled to Warwick to participate in Anti-bullying Ambassador training run by The Diana Award.

The Diana Award was founded on Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that:


The Diana Award empower young people to make that positive change and do this by:

With support, guidance and opportunities every young person can reach their full potential, ensuring no young person is left out or left behind.

Young people deserve a seat at the table to shape decisions about our shared future.  Their voice enriches decision-making and inspires us all to do more and do better.

With the right support and advocacy, young people have the passion, energy and insight to lead the change they want to see, for themselves, their communities and the world around them.

Our team of trained ambassadors are now using their training to run a long-term campaign to raise the understanding of bullying behaviour and how we can all work together to ensure that our pupils do not experience it, and if it does occur, the support to make sure it stops.

Odd socks day


In recognition of Odd Socks Day (Monday 14th November), Dashwood Banbury Academy worked with David Wilson Homes to help our Year 3 pupils design their own pair of socks.

The campaign marked the start of Anti-Bullying Week, led by Anti-Bullying Alliance, and the leading developer provided our 60 Year 3 pupils at with a range of white socks and fabric marker pens to get creative and celebrate each other’s unique qualities.

Having recently formed our new anti-bullying team, the school jumped at the chance to add the activity into the children’s agenda for the week and the pupils enjoyed designing their very own pair of socks.

Miss Gooch saw how much the children enjoyed designing their own socks: “Our Year 3 children thoroughly enjoyed the sock designing activity provided by David Wilson Homes; it gave our pupils the opportunity to really consider what makes them unique and celebrate their differences through creative designs on the socks provided.

“With our recently formed Anti-bullying Ambassadors Action Group, it gave their campaign the perfect kick-start to ensuring that Dashwood Banbury Academy addresses any bullying behaviour, should it arise, and supports all pupils to ensure it does not continue. Mental health and well-being are at the forefront of our curriculum and the Senior Mental Health Lead, alongside the anti-bullying ambassadors, are working together to ensure we support all pupils through on-going campaigns and strategies.

In addition to the design activity, David Wilson Homes has donated £100 worth of anti-bullying themed books to the school for its nurturing space in its library.
“The anti-bullying themed books, generously donated by David Wilson Homes, will go into our quiet and reflective reading space under our Dashwood tree (created by all pupils in the school) in The Grove.” Said Miss Gooch.

The aim of Anti-Bullying Week is to create safe environments for children to learn, play and flourish without judgement or scrutiny.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance recognises that a small conversation can make a big difference. The organisation has reached millions of people across England and has begun to improve attitudes and behaviours towards mental health problems.

Dominic Harman, Managing Director at David Wilson Homes Mercia, said: “Being able to socialise with peers, create friendships and be open about mental health from a young age is extremely important.

“We hope that, by engaging the pupils of Dashwood Banbury Academy in Odd Socks Day, they will be encouraged to talk openly to each other and with staff members about how they’re feeling.

“Anti-Bullying Week is an important annual nationwide initiative, and we relish the opportunity to reach out to schools and organisations within our community and provide support for such a deserving cause.”

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