As the academic year draws to a close, our Year 6 pupil leadership team came together to lead the pupil interviews for leadership roles for next academic year 2023/2024.

The application and interview process was formalised by our pupil leadership team.

Current Year 4 and 5 pupils could apply for the following leadership roles:

  • Junior Leader
  • Sports Leader
  • Head Pupil
  • Anti-bullying Ambassador
  • DBA News Reporter (for the pupil-led termly newspaper)

Pupils were encouraged to write a formal letter of application. Parents/Carers were also communicated with so that they could help support their child’s application. Job descriptions were attached to each role so application letters could be focused to the demands of the role. To view the application letter, click here.

The quality of the letters received was awe-inspiring. The job/role descriptions had really helped pupils to focus their letters of application and really consider the skills they have to fulfil a leadership role. Check out a handful of the exemplary letters we received below!

Applicants were invited for formal interviews with Miss Gooch, Vice Principal, and two members from the pupil leadership team. Applicants were provided with possible interview questions and discussion points prior to the interview to allow them time to prepare. The pupil leadership team felt that it was really important that applicants had the opportunity to really sell themselves and, as it was their first formal interview in their Dashwood career, giving them time to prepare showed how important this process is. Our pupil leadership team felt this would begin the learning of how to prepare for future job and career interviews as adults.

Our Year 6 pupil leaders did an outstanding job of interviewing their peers. They had the prepared questions but also skilfully asked questions linked to the responses of the applicant to glean further information about the candidate and get the best from them. They were adept at putting the candidates at ease but keeping the interview process formal so pupils had a ‘real’ experience of what an interview set-up is like.

We were so impressed with the calibre of the interviews. Many of the candidates spoke confidently and enthusiastically about the possibility of taking up a leadership role next academic year, often giving examples of leadership roles they had already had in school to showcase their skills. Some interviewees also discussed our three school rules: Ready, Respectful and Safe in their interviews and the Three Guiding Principles of Self-Worth, Engagement and Purpose and how they ‘live’ these in their daily life.


Check out the video below which shares not only the well-thought-out responses of the candidate but also the excellent preparation of the Year 6 leaders who were interviewing.

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Anti-Bullying Ambassador Policy Please read the Anti-Bullying Ambassador policy here. Anti-bullying from the students Click below to listen to a presentation by our Antibullying Ambassadors…


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