We will be publishing what we are learning during each term throughout the year. Watch this space to see what is happening in Term 3 in and out of the classroom and for useful information for Ash and Silver Birch classes.

Year 3 in the Stone Age

Year 3 have been busy this term being curious historians and finding out about The Stone Age. Their key question has helped them research and learn from archeologists and what evidence has been found at key excavation sites. They have enjoyed an interactive tour of Skara Brae and collected evidence to help them plan and create their very own Stone Age settlement. Working in teams, pupils have had to discuss and create team rules, plan roles and then use their creative clay skills to work collaboratively. They have overcome challenges and reflected on their teamwork, which has been a brilliant experience. Well done Year 3!

Stone Age lessons

A great literacy outcome – pen licences

Year 3 are delighted that pen licences are now being awarded. Well done to any children who are now proudly writing with a pen. This has proved an incentive for other children who are now working really hard to form letters correctly and neatly as well as not make too many mistakes which require rubbing out.

We have been working really hard on forming simple paragraphs under a clear subheading.

Based on the book, ‘Stone Age Boy’, which we have been studying in class, we wrote clear job descriptions for an archaeologist. Another great literacy outcome for Year 3. Keep working hard to achieve your pen licences everyone.


Fabulous Stone Age day for ‘impeccable’ year 3

Year 3 took part in an enjoyable ‘Stone Age Day’ last week. We wrapped up warm and spent the whole day outside finding out about what life was like in this prehistoric time. In Forest School, the children mixed mud for cave paintings, toasted food over a fire and found out about how Stone Age people cooked and kept warm. The children experienced the tricky task of making tools with stones and sticks and also practiced their spear throwing skills. Not only did they learn about how animals were hunted, they also found out about the foods which were gathered on their own scavenger hunt. After lunch, cave art was created with the mud paints and we all recreated the Cave of Hands artwork. The children had a fabulous day, did not complain about the cold and were polite and impeccably behaved all day. Well done Year 3.

Stone Age Day

Discovering the Stone Age

Year 3 have enjoyed learning about Stone Age cave paintings. After finding out that these painting are an excellent source of knowledge about prehistoric times, the children looked at the content of the painting. This developed their understanding of the importance of animals in their hunter/gatherer lifestyles. During guided reading, the children found out about how Stone Age people made their paints with powdered minerals bound together with animal fat or water. We didn’t mix our own paints but the children had a go at recreating their own cave paintings. They used paints and chalks to draw animals and recreated hand prints and outlines.

Recreating Stone Age painting artwork

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Term 2

We will be publishing what we are learning during each term throughout the year. Watch this space to see what is happening in Term 2…

Term 2

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