September 2020

Mr Alex Pearson: Executive Principal and Director of Education
Mrs Amy Rogers: Principal
Mrs Sarah Gordon-Weeks: Vice Principal with a curriculum, EUFS and KS1 focus
Miss Annelise Gooch: Assistant Principal with a behaviour and KS2 focus

Foundation Stage

Nursery:  Cherry
Mrs Sarah O’Neil
Mr Neil Brookes
Nursery: Plum
Mrs Ella Cox
Ms Nadine Philip (Teaching Assistant)

Reception:  Peach and Pear
Mrs Stephanie Kane (EYFS lead)
Miss Alice Cavender
Mrs Laura Black and Miss Leah Jakeman (Teaching Assistants)

Key Stage 1

Year 1: Hazel
Mrs Marnie Simmons
Mrs Rahela Alverez (Teaching Assistant)
Year 1: Holly
Miss Lucy Brown
Ms Kezia Drew (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2: Maple
Miss Zoe Whale
Mrs Sarah Shepherd (Teaching Assistant)
Year 2: Redwood
Mrs Rachel Stanton
Miss Nicola Cumming (SALT Teaching Assistant)
Mr Matthew Bennett (Teaching Assistant)

Key Stage 2

Year 3: Ash
Miss Jodie Shaw
Year 3: Silver Birch
Mr Sonny Shaw

Mrs Melissa Wyatt (Teaching Assistant for both Year 3 classes)

Year 4: Aspen
Mrs Joanne Taylor
Year 4: Rowan
Miss Alice Rocher

Mrs Sian Brain and Mrs Iolanda Moise (Teaching Assistants for both Year 4 classes)

Year 5: Beech
Miss Blythe Williams
Year 5: Sycamore
Mrs Tessa Rogers

Mrs Leema Galloway and Mrs Rebecca Clear (Teaching Assistants for both Year 5 classes)

Year 6: Chestnut
Miss Annelise Gooch
Mrs Emma Chew
Year 6: Oak
Mrs Chloe Hope
Mrs Sarah Gordon-Weeks

Mrs Sian Brain and Mrs Kerry Lally (Teaching Assistants for both Year 6 classes)

Additional staff

Miss Ruth Rees and Miss Louissa Lella (Higher Level Teaching Assistants)