Spelling and Phonics in Foundation and Key Stage 1

At Dashwood we teach phonics using the Read Write Inc scheme. We supplement this with Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics.  Pupils are taught set 1 and 2 sounds in the Early Years. They learn set 3 sounds (alternative versions of the long vowels) during Key Stage 1.

The key thing to remember when using phonics is to loose the ‘ugh’ sound at the end of letters and encourage pupils to use their phonic knowledge regardless of age when they are reading and writing unfamiliar words.

Please see the attached document showing all the sounds the pupils will be taught over their time here at Dashwood: Soundchart.

The following website contains many online games you could use to help your child practise their phonic skills:
If your child is in Nursery, please use Phase 1 games. If they are in Reception please use Phases 2-4 games. If they are in Year 1, please use Phases 4-5. If they are in Year 2 or above, please use Phases 5 and 6.

Find out more about Read Write Inc at:

Spelling and Phonics in Key Stage 2

At Dashwood Banbury Academy we aim to equip the children with the skills and strategies needed to become confident spellers. We use the Read Write Inc scheme, the guidance and resources from the ‘Support for Spelling’ material and the New Primary Framework to support our planning. In key stage 2, we have grouped the children in order to focus our teaching; we can therefore respond quickly to gaps in the children’s phonological awareness. This also allows those children who are confident spellers to be challenged and new rules and spelling patterns to be investigated.

The spelling and phonics lessons at Dashwood Banbury Academy are funinteractive and most importantly aim to provide the children with the skills and confidence to apply their knowledge in their learning. Our thorough marking and feedback responds to misconceptions and mistakes quickly in order for the children to respond and make necessary corrections.

Watch our video of Mrs Rogers demonstrating Set 1 and 2 Speed Sounds

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