Whole School Newsletters

Please note that all class newsletters and letters can be found under ‘Letters to Parents’ on the top menu bar under the News tab. Our whole school newsletter will be published on this page.

If you would like a paper copy, please see the office.

Dashwood Whole School News – 20th January 2023

Dashwood Whole School News -16th December 2022

Dashwood Whole School News – 18th November 2022

Dashwood Whole School News – 21st October 2022

Dashwood Whole School News – 12th October 2022

Newsletter 22nd July 2022

Weather Warning Letter – Red Level – 16th July 2022

Newsletter for 26th May 2022

Newsletter for 6th May 2022

Newsletter for 8th April 2022

Newsletter for 25th March 2022

Newsletter for 11th February 2022

Newsletter for 14th January 2022

Newsletter for 15th December 2021

Newsletter for 26th November 2021

Whole School Newsletter – 12 November

Newsletter 22nd October 2021

Newsletter 11th October 2021

Newsletter 27th September 2021

Newsletter 10th September 2021

Newsletter 25th June 2021

Newsletter 11th June 2021

Newsletter 28th May 2021

Newsletter 4th May 2021

Newsletter 1st April 2021

Newsletter 19th March 2021

Newsletter 5th March 2021

Newsletter 12th February 2021

Newsletter 15th January 2021

Newsletter 17th December 2020

Newsletter 20th November 2020

Newsletter 6th November 2020

Newsletter 2nd October 2020

Newsletter 14th September 2020

Newsletter 13th July 2020

Newsletter 26th June 2020

Newsletter 5th June 2020

Newsletter 1st May 2020

Newsletter 6th March 2020

Newsletter 13th February 2020

Newsletter 27th January 2020

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