Forest School

The forest school: a thrilling and inspiring environment for learning

At Dashwood we are very lucky to have an outdoor learning environment on site that we use for Forest School. The philosophy of Forest School is to encourage and inspire individuals of all ages through positive experiences and participation in engaging, motivating and achievable tasks. Taking part in activities outside helps children to develop a connection and respect for the natural world, promoting both physical and mental health.

The Children love the activities in Forest school and we have proven that we don’t need ‘a Forest’ to take part.

The benefits for the children include, increased self-confidence and self-belief; development in social skills and awareness of their actions on others; increased language and communication skills; a keenness to participate — motivation and concentration, cooperation and teamwork; improved stamina and gross and fine motor skills.

A key development for children is a respect for and interest in the natural environment.

The Forest School approach focuses on the process of learning rather than the outcomes. Time allows for repetition, the development of confidence as well as the consolidation and transfer of skills.

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