Hello! We are Maple and Redwood class and the oldest in Key Stage 1. We work hard to become independent learners and show how we can be role models for the younger children.

We love lessons that are fun and where we can find things out, being curious. We start off the year learning about minibeasts and places within the U.K. We then finish the year learning about Dashwood’s history and getting ready to join KS2. We have a chance to take on the roles in the Key Stage 1 plays and showing how brave we are standing on the stage in front of the school and our parents. We achieve so much in a year and it is great to see how our writing, reading and maths develops throughout the year. We complete work to the very best of our ability and take great pride in every piece of work.

We try to be courageous and try new things, as well as having a strong spirit of adventure within the classroom. We hope you enjoy looking at things we have achieved throughout the year.

The Year 2 ‘What is new and different‘ presentation is available as a video or to download. Lots of information about life in school including routines, uniform, PE, clubs, homework, expectations, attendance and behaviour.

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What is 'new and different' in Year 2

What is ‘new’ and ‘different’ in Year 2? Find out all the information for 2023/2024 here: Please do ask the Year 2 Team if you…

What is 'new and different' in Year 2

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