School Meals

Menus 2022-23

Please note that some puddings may vary from the published menu.

A reminder that all school meals need to be paid for and ordered on a Monday.

WINTER Menu 2024

Our school dinner menu will be getting a delicious new update after the Winter Holidays and will be available from the 9th January 2024. For more information, and to view our full winter menu, please click here.


Free School Meals

Do you think your child may be eligible for free school meals? 

Click here for a form to complete and return to the school office

Currently all pupils in Reception to Year 2 are eligible for the Universal Free School meals.  If you think your child may be eligible for extra funding support (Pupil Premium funding), please fill out the form here and send back to the school office. 

Free School Meals for Reception and Year 1 & 2

Universal Infant Free School Meals
The Government has announced funding for ‘Universal Infant Free School Meals’ or (UIFSM) from September 2014. This means that your child will receive a hot free school meal every day. This new initiative requires us to change our in school procedures because of the way in which these meals are funded by the Government. There will no longer be an option to alternate between hot meals and packed lunch.

Children who do not wish to take up their free school meal in September will be able to bring in a healthy packed lunch.

Each child in Reception, Year 1 and 2 will receive a UIFSM unless you opt out and decide to provide your child with a packed lunch. If you wish to do this then it would mean that you have opted out of the UIFSM initiative for the whole year.

Our caterers Edwards and Ward’s menu runs on a 3 week cycle. If you look at the choices there is now a wider variety of options for the children to enjoy. Soup and baguettes now make an entrance on to the culinary stage!

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Healthy Tuck Shop

Good news about healthy eating!

Children can simply bring in a small amount of money (no more than £1) to pay for purchases on the day. Most items are between 30-50p each.

The Tuck Shop is open EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY at break time for our pupils, in Years 2-6, to buy healthy snacks of under 100 calories.

  • Popcorn
  • Snack a Jacks
  • Sunny Raisins
  • Fruit Flakes
  • Yogurt Flakes
  • Crunchy Cornflakes Bars
  • Fruit Juices
  • Fruit Squashes
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