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At Dashwood Banbury Academy we are proud of our Physical Education curriculum which takes a skills centred approach, where the fundamental skills of agility, balance and co-ordination are taught and practised and are then applied to a range of modified sports.

We compete in many festivals and competitions, forging strong links with Wykham Park Academy and other primary schools in North Oxfordshire. We offer an extensive range of different and exciting extra-curricular clubs including HotShots basketball, martial arts and multi skills. We work closely with sporting bodies such as the Football Association, The English Cricket Board/Banbury Cricket Club and Cherwell District Council, who deliver high quality curriculum and lunchtime activator sessions during the year.

Living near the River Cherwell and with a canal that runs through our town, we are committed to ensuring that all of our pupils access swimming lessons and achieve their 25 metres. This commitment is for our pupils’ safety and an additional step to ensuring that our pupils have opportunities to lead a healthy and active life. Pupils have weekly, year round swimming lessons in Year 4 and sessions in year 5 and 6 to ensure they have every opportunity to achieve their 25 metres and beyond. Each year group also has access to taster sessions which we have found to be a particularly successful way for children to ‘enjoy’ and become familiar with the water, gain confidence and be ready to learn to swim.

In response to The Childhood Obesity Plan that was launched on the 18 August 2016, Dashwood Banbury Academy is committed to finding solutions that help ensure that our young people are moving their bodies. The report states that nearly a third of children aged 2-15 are overweight or obese. Dashwood Banbury Academy understands that tackling childhood obesity requires us to take action.

The PE Lead has developed a deep understanding of how to ensure all our pupils at Dashwood Banbury Academy leave us for secondary school as physically literate young people. Through CPD with the North Oxfordshire School Sports Partnership and working on projects with the Youth Sports Trust, Dashwood is providing a PE curriculum, School Sport and extra-curricular opportunities for all through physical literacy. This approach motivates pupils and gives them the confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that provides our children with the movement foundation for a lifelong participation in physical activity. We understand that a healthy child will:

  • perform better academically across all subjects
  • be a more confident individual
  • have greater employability skills
  • have higher levels of self-esteem

In 2018/2019 we are committed to supporting our pupils’ mental well-being and to empower them to understand how to live healthy and active lifestyles by:

  • Completing the ‘Daily Mile’ programme in Years 3 – 6 during learning time
  • Brain breaks during learning term – Change 4 Life ‘Train Like A Jedi’, ‘Go Noodle’
  • Continue with active learning – ‘Maths of the Day’, Active Spelling/Grammar sessions
  • 100 calorie snack tuck shop – run by our Year 6 pupils, educating our pupils to purchase low -calorie snacks
  • Funding support for our Breakfast Club for our most vulnerable/disadvantaged with healthy food options
  • Continuation of our ‘Walk to school’ initiative
  • Cycle proficiency training – staff trained in school to ensure sustainability and continuation of this programme to ensure our pupils use their bicycles safely on the roads of Banbury and beyond with the benefit of exercise

In 2019/2020 we continued this good work but due to the closure of schools, we turned to virtual engagement in School Games during the Summer Term.  Lucie Smith-Childs, Schools Games Co-ordinator, said ‘I am so impressed with the amount of opportunities you have given ALL your children to stay active!  I am therefore delighted to award you with the School Games 2020 Virtual Award badge and certificate.’


"PE is fun because we play lots of games. My favourite lessons are when we get the climbing and balancing equipment out."
Reception pupil

Football Tournament

A team of our Year 5 and 6 pupils attended a 5-a-side football tournament at Wykham Park Academy and did an amazing job representing the school. The boys team showed respect and positivity towards each other and their competitors and did not lose a single match on their way to winning the competition! The girls team made lots of progress and worked really well as a team to score lots of goals, finishing third in their competition. Well done to both teams!


Swimming successes! 

Year 5 and 6 pupils are having continued success in the swimming pool with many children receiving their 25 metres and beyond. Well-done to Amber, David and Oliver who have all achieved their 50 metres! Amber and Oliver have also achieved their 100 metres! Congratulations!


Hockey Competition

On Thursday 10th November 2022, Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the North Oxfordshire School Sports Partnership Hockey Competition at Wykham Park Academy. Competing against six other teams from local primary schools, our pupils played with resilience and skill, thoroughly enjoying the competition.



KS2 Level 2 Cross Country Competition – 29th September 2022

Twenty Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils took part in the Level 2 Cross Country competition at Wykham Park Academy today! They competed with resilience and determination despite the long distance they had to run. They were great team players, cheering one another on and congratulating each other as they finished their races. Well done to Mika who got an amazing 15th place out of over 100 runners and Harmony who was placed 29th in the Year 5/6 Girls race out of over 100 runners! All pupils attending did Dashwood proud and were a credit to our school!

In our next assembly, each of the four teams will be awarded a certificate for teamwork due to their support of one another; cheering each other on; and congratulating their team mates!

Ruby (Year 6) has been awarded the self-belief certificate for her resilience. Despite finding the very long run a challenge, she ran to the very end and never slowed down!

Mika (Year 3) has been awarded the passion certificate because he ran with determination and even had a smile on his face at the end!

Harmony (Year 6) received the determination certificate because she set her sights on running as well as she had the year before and she never gave up. She kept her pace and spirit of determination! Well done Harmony! Arthur (Year 6) also receives recognition for his determination because he kept on running and, despite the challenge of the long distance, was determined to finish in the top half of runners!

A big thank you to Aaidah (Year 5), who should real team spirit, stepping in to the competition to replace a friend who was poorly. Aaidah was a super team player and smiled throughout!

Exploring balance In Gymnastics

Year 5 are enjoying their gymnastic unit of learning in PE. With focus of balance and form, pupils warmed up their bodies with ‘points and patches’ – balancing on different small and larger body parts. Pupils were challenged to explore balances that were not immediately obvious to them and think beyond their initial idea.


Pupils also discovered the different balances they could perform through a range of different shapes. Using their name initials, we worked in pairs to create the letters, again thinking beyond their initial thoughts and considering one another’s ideas.


In preparation for a performance, pupils continued their collaborative work in pairs to practise three balances and join these together. Each balance had to be held for 5 seconds to demonstrate their flexibility, control and balance. Reflecting on each performance, pupils were invited to offer constructive feedback, which will be used to improve future performances.

Football Final

What a year the Key Stage 2, Year 5/6, football teams have had!

The girls’ team had a very successful season finishing 3rd in the league. The boys team went from strength to strength and, on a very warm and sunny afternoon on 11th July they played the league final against St Leonard Church of England Primary School. Playing at Harriers Banbury Academy, on neutral ground, both teams had the heat to contend with! Despite this, they both had a great match which they played with enthusiasm and passion. Going 1 – 0 down in the first minutes, Dashwood did not let their heads drop, instead they played on with even more determination which certainly paid off with a 4-1 win! The team were so proud of themselves and were delighted to lift the trophy.

Adrian (Year 5) was voted as player of the match. He showed fantastic skill (and scored one of the four goals) but what really stood out was his resilience and drive, He never gave up; showed positivity and support to the team throughout; and he never stopped smiling. He was such an asset to the Dashwood team and, because of his integrity, has a very bright footballing career ahead of him.

Well done to all of the team and special thanks go to Mrs Galloway, Miss Brown and Mr Shaw for all of their efforts with KS2 football this year. The opportunities that they have provided and the commitment that they have shown, has been phenomenal!

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