Year 5 Beech and Sycamore

Welcome to Year 5 – Sycamore Class and Beech Class!

As we move into upper Key Stage 2, Year 5 holds so many exciting project based learning opportunities to really inspire and motivate our pupils and staff alike. We know that some things take a lot of practice but we never give up; resilience is key and we use any mistakes to further our learning.

With a busy year ahead, we have many engaging learning opportunities for the children. Topics include:

  • a geographical study of the continents of South America with particular focus on the sustainability of The Amazon river
  • a Design and Technology project that explores levers, pulleys and gears
  • a study of Queen Victoria and the impact her reign had
  • a look back at the Viking era debating whether they deserved to be branded as the criminals of Europe
  • an in-depth look at the impact of World War I on the lives of men, women and society
  • an enterprise project to plan, design, construct and evaluate an environmentally friendly product

Year 5 prepares our pupils for their final year at Dashwood in Year 6 and their continued journey in education. Pupils in each class will take on important new roles and responsibilities this year. These include: junior leaders, librarians, aspiration councillors and junior playground leaders to their younger peers. Each role allows pupils to gain confidence; develop their communication and listening skills; grow in maturity with increased responsibility and learn the importance of self-motivation.

We very much look forward to the year ahead and to working with parents/carers and our pupils to make this a very successful and happy year at Dashwood.

The Year 5 Team – Mrs Hope, Mrs Zohaib and Miss Gooch

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What is new and different in Year 5?

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What is new and different in Year 5?

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