Hello! We are Aspen and Rowan class.  We are two hardworking and enthusiastic classes who are keen to learn. We take a lot of pride in the work that we do and always try our best.

We are excited for Year 4 where we will be learning about Europe and the world around us. We will be enjoying some amazing science experiments and discovering all about the Greeks, Romans and Aztecs.  We will learn how to program computers, investigate electricity and classify animals.  We will also be discovering how chocolate is made and maybe tasting some too!

Our camp night in school will be one of the most exciting activities we will be doing this year. We will have an amazing time completing lots of different activities that build on our team work, resilience and sense of adventure.  It will allow us to try new activities, be independent, develop, build new friendships and most importantly have fun!

We all have a part to play within the school and some of us have also taken on roles within the school this year such as Ecowarriors and Aspiration Councillors.

As you can see, our life in school enables us to achieve the 8 conditions for learning.

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What is 'new and different' in Year 4

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What is 'new and different' in Year 4

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