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06 May 2021

A week of creativity and imagination; the power of story telling

A week of creativity and imagination; the power of story telling Cherwell Theatre Company joined Year 6 for a fantastic week of creative workshops that…

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19 April 2021

Pirate Paradise for Reception children!

Reception pupils had a great first day back. To kick start our Pirates topic the children came into school dressed as pirates and enjoyed exploring…

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01 April 2021

Fun in our learning!

The last week of term 4 has seen the pupils completing their outcome projects to answer the driving questions for their topic. Year 5’s question…

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19 March 2021

Jumping Jacks and plenty of smiles to share on Red Nose Day!

Share a smile, have some fun and enjoy the power of funny! This year’s Comic Relief provided a chance for pupils at Dashwood to spend…

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18 March 2021

Key Stage 1 children have great start back!

Key Stage 1 have been very busy during their first week back at school after lockdown. They have loved seeing all of their friends and…

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12 February 2021

Working differently in Term 3

We continue to be so impressed with the creativity and hard work going on whilst learning at home or in school. This term, the pupils…

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