Key Stage 2 Curriculum

As the pupils take that important and exciting leap from key stage 1 into key stage 2, we work hard to ensure their transition is smooth. Throughout their learning journey from year 3 to 6, we build on the skills they have already acquired through a stimulating, challenging and creative curriculum where the pupils are encouraged and supported to take risks to ensure they are extending and experimenting with ideas they may have and want to develop. Within each lesson, the pupils are expected to develop their independent learning skills as well as support and work with their peers in group tasks.

Each term our curriculum creatively scaffolds the pupil’s learning to ensure there is clear progression throughout the school. It successfully threads lead subjects within meaningful topics which allow the pupils to develop particular skills, as well as gain fascinating knowledge.  As the topics are purposeful, it encourages the children to ask questions and become curious learners, always wanting to know more. Below are the curriculum plans of the topics for the year:

Year 3 Curriculum Plan 2020-2021

Year 4 Curriculum Plan 2020-2021

Year 5 Curriculum Plan 2020-2021

Year 6 Curriculum Plan 2020-2021

Our enthusiastic team of teachers and teaching assistants ensure all pupils can access our curriculum and adapt activities to provide them with the best chance of making excellent progress. We make sure that the pupils are having increased opportunities to develop their literacy and numeracy skills through cross curricula activities. Our clear academy values are also central to our curriculum where we provide opportunities for the pupils to develop useful life long inter-personal skills to equip them for a successful, fulfilling and aspirational future beyond their time at Dashwood Banbury Academy.