We will be publishing what we are learning during each term throughout the year. Watch this space to see what is happening in Term 3 in and out of the classroom and for useful information for Maple and Redwood classes.

Space centre visit

After an exciting visit to Space centre, Year 2 have produced some fantastic outcomes in all areas of their learning. They have been able to create rockets from junk modelling showing creativity, collaboration and determination. They then gave each other positive feedback on how to improve their rocket. In addition to this, they have also written some amazing poems about space using rhyming words.

Year 2, are now looking forward to practicing for their production next term!

Space centre visit

aspiring engineers and scientists learn about space

Year 2 have loved their space topic especially learning all about Neil Armstrong and the different planets. They have learnt a mnemonic to help them learn the names of the planets. Year 2 have also been lucky enough to take part in an interactive space show, where they played the role of aspiring engineers and scientists.

Planets mnemonic




Incredible Christopher Columbus ship drawings

Maple thoroughly enjoyed using their art skills to draw Christopher Columbus ship! They followed a step by step guide, taking time to concentrate features. I’m sure you’ll agree that, their final pieces look incredible! Here are just a few:

Drawing of Columbus ship



Learning about Asteroids and craters in Maple class

Maple thoroughly enjoyed our class crater experiment today.

We have beginning to learn about the moon and its qualities. Today we focussed on asteroids and how they create asteroids.

As we were setting up the experiment we discussed how to make it a fair test, we could only change one thing.

We had many interesting predictions including:

  • ‘I think the big asteroid might make the biggest crater because it might bounce twice.’
  • ‘I think the smallest crater might make the biggest crater because it’s the heaviest.’

Our findings showed that the bigger the asteroid, the wider the crater, whilst the heavier the asteroid the deeper the crater.

Crater experiment

significant people

On our wow day, we discussed what makes someone important and significant, we then looked at these different factors in groups to rank them in order of what we thought was most important to least important.

Work on qualities of significant people

After this, we then researched a significant individual and created a fact file which we are going to share with the rest of the class.

Our fact files included Mozart, Walt Disney, Marcus Rashford, Marie Curie and William Shakespeare to name a few!

Work on qualities of significant people

We are looking forward to focussing on our significant explorers for the rest of the term and finding out why they are significant!

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Term 2

We will be publishing what we are learning during each term throughout the year. Watch this space to see what is happening in Term 2…

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