We will be publishing what we are learning during each term throughout the year. Watch this space to see what is happening in Term 4 in and out of the classroom and for useful information for Ash and Silver Birch classes.

Year 3 investigate plants

Year three are being scientific this term as we have started to investigate plants. After creating a group collage to show the key parts of the plant, the children wrote paragraphs about the key function each part of the plant performs. For example the stem holds the plant upright and transports water around the plant whereas the petals attract insects so that plants can reproduce.

Discovering what plants need for healthy growth

We have set up an investigation to find out what plants need for healthy growth. Ash Class are finding out if the amount of water affects growth. Silver Birch is finding out about the impact light has. Both classes have had to carefully consider the variables of their test (what will they change and what will we keep the same?). We are monitoring the investigations and are looking forward to drawing conclusions later in the term.

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